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Master the Skills Required to Grow in Your Printing Career

Learn the Practical Skills to Transform Your Career from Fresher to a Print Industry Manager or Expert in Record Time!

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learn the cutting-edge skills that the printing industry demands.

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(that a Employee Faces)

  • Low Salary​

  • Limited Career Growth

  • Lack of Recognition

  • Stagnant Skill

  • Work-Life Imbalance

  • Job Insecurity

  • Limited Training Access

  • Deadline Pressure

  • Competition

What You'll Learn

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Daily Office Work

Explore the transformative role of Artificial Intelligence in streamlining daily office operations. We'll discuss AI tools that can automate routine tasks, improve accuracy, and ultimately boost productivity in a printing business environment.

How to Build a Career in the Printing Industry Without Having a Degree

Discover practical pathways to forge a successful career in the printing industry without a formal academic background. Learn about valuable skills, industry insights, and alternative education options that can help you thrive in this dynamic field.

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Gain insights into how data analytics and business intelligence are revolutionizing the printing industry. This discussion will cover the basics of data-driven decision-making and how it can optimize operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

Designing Skill

We will discuss the importance of Designing. and how to adopt or improve this skills effectively.

How to Build a Career in the Printing Industry Without Having a Degree

Inventory Management and Control

Learn about the techniques and tools for efficient inventory management in the printing sector. We'll explore methods to minimize costs, reduce excess, and manage supply chain logistics to maintain production flow and meet demand.

"PPP" Module Especially Designed by Vikram Kumar

In the printing industry, effective planning outlines job timelines and resource allocation, followed by procurement ensuring timely access to quality materials. These stages converge in production, where precise execution results in high-quality, efficient printing outcomes.

Do more with less! Learn how to increase your efficiency and productivity without breaking the bank. Our instructors will show you practical techniques to streamline your processes and reduce your costs.

And Many More....

Join Us and Elevate Your Career Today!

All Hands In
All Hands In

Who should Join this

  • One who want to Grow in Printing Industry

  • One who looking to enhance their skills 

  • Printing Career Students

  • Marketing & Sales

  • Professionals

  • Small Business

  • Owners/Startups

  • Career-Changing Professionals to Printing

  • Print Technology Enthusiasts

This session is perfect for anyone in the printing sector

"Without disrupting their current job or daily routine"

Key Benefits

Learn quickly and efficiently without spending a lot of time.

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Boost your skills without spending a lot of money.

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Gain valuable insights without affecting your current job.

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Achieve proficiency without any hard work.

(our methods are designed to be straightforward and practical.)

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Explore new skills and techniques without any risk

(our strategies are proven and safe.)

Join Us and Elevate Your Career Today!

Success Stories

Case Study

Listen to Sumit Lad Sir as he discusses the level of skill development necessary for advancement in the Printing Industry.

A Real Success

About our Speaker

Mr. Vikram kumar.png

Vikram Kumar

CMO & Print Process Automation Expert
  • Having 10+ years of extensive knowledge and practical experience in the printing and packaging industry.
  • Highly experienced in implementing Print ERP solutions to enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Proven ability to provide guidance on ISO standards and enhance quality management practices.
  • Successfully worked with over 135+ prominent printing brands, including Vijayshri Indore, Kalajyoti Hyderabad, KSK Malaysia, RAK Media South Sudan, R-PAC Vietnam, Majan UAE, Nageen Meerut, Vijayshree Chennai, and Manali Chennai, ensuring the delivery of highquality, innovative automation solutions that is helping them GROW.
  • Conducted 460+ sessions with printers and industry experts, fostering a culture of continuous learning and development within the printing community.
  • Serving as the coordinator for the PPA Framework (Print Process Automation Framework), dedicated to making this framework accessible to every printing organization. This role emphasizes commitment to industry-wide standards and best practices.



  • Lead PPC, ISO, and ERP: As the lead production planning and control (PPC) at Vijayshri Packaging Indore, played a pivotal role in implementing ISO standards and Print ERP solutions, contributing significantly to the organization's operational excellence.


  • Co-author of the book "Profitability Through Productivity in Print," demonstrating a commitment to thought leadership and providing valuable industry insights.
  • Discover 7 practical strategies with easy-to-follow steps that can help a printing organization grow in less than a year.


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